Get your body back into the shape you desire in just 14 Days, and do it without feeling intimidated, feeling alone in the gym, or worrying about getting injured!
At Contemporary Athlete, we do things differently.
Our facility is 100% dedicated to personal training… so there are no “gym rats” watching and judging you.

We take a holistic approach to health, too… we know that losing weight and getting back your energy is more than about just exercise.

So we’ve packed this program with everything you need to reclaim the health and body you thought were gone for good:

  •  Your exclusive “Starting Point Consultation", where we’ll identify YOUR most important health and fitness goals, and develop a customized plan to get you there fast! ($199 Value)
        A private Mobility and Functionality Assessment to uncover any physical limitations… so we can structure your individualized plan to correct those limitations! ($79 Value)
        A complete Body Composition Scan (inBody 570) to establish a “baseline” to measure your results against (that way, you can actually SEE your progress)! ($35 Value)
        4 personal training sessions with our experienced, certified coaches! ($200 Value)
        Unlimited Metabolic Training in our CA ! ($195 Value)
        A 14-day meal plan… so you don’t have to spend hours at the grocery trying to figure out what to give your body for the fuel and nourishment it needs! ($99 Value)
Total Value: $807
JUST $89!
    You're just a few steps away from your 14 Day Kickstart!
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